Event: Parallel Universes

We have a quiet week in terms of events, and in celebration of the Netflix Transformers TV show, we've decided to do this individual totaliser slightly different from what you may expect to previous events like this.

  • Guaranteed 4-Star (5% chance) or 3-Star (95% chance) Beast Wars Characters!

  • At the very least, if you complete the event you will receive 50 3-Star bots, and they can dupe.

  • Prime Core Shards

  • Shard Crystals

Event Type: Individual Totaliser with Prestiges

Start Date: 30/07/2021 10:00 UTC

End Date: 02/08/2021 10:00 UTC

Bot Experience: Triple XP

Prestige: 50

Total Battle Points: 1,500

Event Battle Zones

Individual Totaliser with Prestiges Prizes

* Each BW Classics Crystal contains a chance to drop a random 4-Star (5% drop rate) or 3-Star (95% drop rate) character from the following list:

- Cheetor/ Blackarachnia

- Dinobot/ Dinobot ll

- Optimus Primal/ BW Megatron

- Rhinox/ Tarantulas

- Tigerhawk /Waspinator

You can earn up to 50 BW Classic Crystals in this event.

Each Event Crystal contains a chance to win:

Find more Information about this weeks TFEW's newsletter here! https://mailchi.mp/transformersearthwars/parallel-universes?e=8f6104ad55

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