Event: Close Encounters

Alliance Totaliser PrizesBah-weep-graaaaagnah wheep nini bong!

Welcome to week 2 of the saga!

It’s time to regroup with your Alliance because this weekend, we’re going back to an Alliance event! In this event, you’ll be able to complete your 3-Star combiner (Volcanius or Predaking), because, at certain checkpoints in the event, you’ll be able to obtain their 3-Star bots!

Close Encounters

Take part in this weekend's Alliance Totaliser and you can win:

■ Up to ALL3-Star Bots needs to unlock eitherVolcanius or Predaking (if you have all of them you will get 10,000 Combiner Spark instead!)

■ Up to 2,500 4-Star Shards

■ Up to 6 Gold Power Core Chips

■ Up to 4,000 3-Star Shards

■ Up to 20,000 Premium Shards

■ Up to 100,000 Spark

■ Up to 100,000 Combiner Spark

■ Up to 50 Kremzeek Canisters

Event Type: Alliance Totaliser

Start Date: 03/09/2021 10:00 UTC

End Date: 06/09/2021 10:00 UTC

Bot Experience: SUPER XP

Total Event Score: 500,000

Event Battle Zones

Alliance Totaliser Prizes

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