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TFEW Addicts

TFEW Addicts was created by game enthusiast Spot to consolidate information from Transformers Earth Wars, gamers, and YouTubers into one place we could all share and discuss the game we love.

Our mission has been to build a place where all players can congregate and show off their achievements no matter their HQ level or age. So many people would make fun of that low-level player who wanted to share their happiness with other players, so he wanted to create a safe place for all players to be happy, celebrate their achievements, big or small, and fellowship. 

His first thought was to create a Facebook Group, which now has over 3,000 members, then he made a Facebook Page, which has over 8,688 followers.

With the gaming world expanding and his passion for evolving with it, he partnered with Youtuber - Souljiah to created the TFEWAddicts Discord Server, which now has over 2,000 members (and growing) and TFEWAddicts.com. 

His goal is to create one of the largest active fan gaming communities for the game Transformers Earth Wars!


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